Create an on-demand webinar in Zoom

1. Create a Pro, Business or Enterprise Zoom account with cloud recording enabled so you can access the On-demand Webinar feature.

2. Choose an evergreen webinar topic rather than responding to a current event - design it to be future-proof.

For example, instead of a Christmas-themed guide to marketing, a webinar giving ideas on how to approach holiday marketing will have more longevity.

3. Record your webinar, either with or without an audience, and click on Record to the Cloud.

Recording with an audience will give you more energy; recording without will give you control over every aspect of your webinar. If you’re recording without an audience, you can still include a Q&A section by using your most frequently asked questions.

4. Include a clear call to action at the end of your webinar, like a unique discount code or a special offer.

5. Visit your Zoom portal on your browser and navigate to Recordings once your recording has been uploaded to the cloud.

This can take a few hours depending on the length of your recording. Click on your recording and Share, then toggle On-Demand (Registration Required) to blue. This will provide you with a link to share access to the recording.

6. Distribute the Zoom registration link and create a landing page for your on-demand webinar - either on your website or using a tool like Leadpages.

Share this page regularly in your distribution channels – email, social media, newsletters, and videos. Explain who the webinar is for and what it contains.