Create an influencer marketing plan

1. Set an objective for your influencer marketing strategy.

For example, increasing lead generation or reaching a new target audience.

2. Plan the budget, number of influencers, type of influencers, social platform you wish to launch on, and length of the influencer campaign.

3. Pick the type of content you wish your influencer to amplify, such as stories, still images, carousels, or text posts.

4. Assign a call to action for the campaign, deciding whether the influencer content will drive traffic to a sales site, a branding site, or a registration site.

5. Determine key messaging, a dedicated hashtag, or a common theme within the influencer content.

6. Identify candidates for your influencer campaign by searching organically. Alternatively, go through established networks or agencies like Awario or Tribe.

7. Plan the scope of work to outline the content production, content publishing, frequency, and the length of the campaign you want with the influencer.

8. Identify a goal for your target audience and your reach, such as if you want a global or localized campaign.

9. Set the campaign dates and decide if you want to boost the influencer’s content to reach more people.

You can also have your partners, internal content marketing teams, or colleagues reshare the content to drive more traffic to it.

10. Set KPIs to the marketing plan and align them with your initial objectives. See if they are met at the end of the campaign.