Create an effective hero image

1. Decide on your image type - product, contextual, emotion-focused, founder-focused, behind the scenes, action-shot, or benefits-focused, depending on your business and what you are trying to achieve with the hero image.

Product: of the product. For example, a saucepan. Contextual: shows the product in its context. For example, a saucepan in a kitchen. Emotion-focused: highlights the emotional impact of the product. For example, a happy couple using a saucepan. Founder-focused: highlights the leader behind the business. This can be good for informational products. For example, the inventor of the saucepan. Behind the scenes: gives a sense of the work that has gone into the product. For example, a team of scientists designing a saucepan. Action-shot: shows the product at work. For example, a saucepan cooking food. Benefits focused: shows a benefit to owning or using the product. For example, a healthy meal being cooked in a saucepan.

2. Choose an image that conveys only one idea, so the viewer knows immediately what you're trying to say.

Be as straightforward as possible and avoid artistic interpretations of concepts unless testing has shown they work. Repeat any important information from the image as body text. Many email clients do not automatically display images.

3. Keep the image to under 700px, and save for web to reduce image size.

Images that are too large may trigger the spam filter in your customer’s email client or provider.

4. Add text to your hero image to clarify your messaging, increase engagement, and drive action.

It’s better to be too obvious rather than too subtle. If you want people to scroll down your landing page, a Learn more below text element will help encourage viewers to take the step you most want them to. Or if you’re offering a sale, 20% Off Now! might capture their attention.

5. If your offer is limited, use scarcity or time pressure to drive action.

If your offer will only be available for a certain time period or there are a limited number available, include this in the hero image text element. For example, 20% off for 24hrs only!