Create an ecommerce Christmas marketing campaign

1. Define the focus of your campaign based on past Christmas sales, the nature of your business, and your marketing objectives.

2. Create a timeline that leads to promotions being live before Black Friday, and accounts for any shipping time needed for products to arrive in time for Christmas.

3. Analyze your competitors to see what products they typically sell at Christmas, and how they position these products.

4. Segment your audience into current customers and potential customers with a high likelihood to buy Christmas gifts.

5. Reach out to current customers using email marketing and list-based custom audiences.

6. Reach out to potential customers using demographic targeting and website retargeting.

7. Create messaging and visual creative that both matches your brand voice and strikes an appropriate tone for the holidays.

8. Optimize your online store’s homepage and product pages for your Christmas sale.

9. Create Christmas-appropriate content, such as shopping guides and lists that include the products you’re featuring.

10. Review your channel performance at least weekly to adjust for performance and increase urgency on your messaging as Christmas gets closer.