Create an animated video

1. Set a marketing goal for the animated video campaign.

2. Create a project brief that includes the production timeline, budget, target audience, marketing message, channels for distribution and promotion, and publication date for the video.

3. Create a script that details the actions, dialogue, narration, and final call to action of your video’s story.

4. Map out a storyboard to create a high-level view of the visuals, based on the prepared script.

5. Select animation and editing software that satisfies the needs of the project and remains within budget.

6. Illustrate, ink, color, and shade the frames that will make up your video’s story.

7. Animate and edit the completed frames together in your animation software.

8. Use video editing software to polish your animated video and add music, sound effects, narration, or dialogue.

9. Render and export the completed animation.

10. Publish the animated video on the distribution and promotion channels you have chosen.