Create a video advert in Canva

1. Write down the goal you want to achieve with the video advert, such as a specific number of subscriptions or sales.

One video should equal one goal, so you can keep a clear focus. For example, advertising a course, or selling a product.

2. In Canva, click on Create a design and choose the social media platform you'll be sharing your advert on, followed by the word video: for example, Facebook video.

3. Look for appropriate templates in Canva's library by searching on a general term like beauty or fashion for more industry-specific ideas.

4. Replace the text in the template with a short - under 8 words - informative caption that reflects your advert's goal.

Depending on how many pages in Canva you are using for your video – each page equals one video type – this text can be your slogan or your call to action. If your video requires captions, you can also add them directly here, or post-editing as an .srt file to the platform you upload it to.

5. Replace the template’s font and colors with those of your brand.

You can obtain these from your company’s brand assets.

6.  Replace the template video with your footage.

It needs to be attention-grabbing, as viewers will see it for just a few seconds. You can upload your video in the Uploads section or search through Canva’s library in the Videos section for a relevant one.

7. Use Canva's audio library to add audio if the footage is silent or requires a voice-over.

8. Download your video and upload it to the relevant network.

For example, if it’s a Facebook video, go to your Business Suite to set up a promotion campaign. If you need to create a different version of your advert for another network, you can copy and resize it – you’ll need a Canva Pro account for this feature.