Create a Value Matrix for your go to market strategy

1. Create a spreadsheet with Buyer Persona, Pain Points, Solutions, and Message as column headers.

2. In each row of the first column, list all of your buyer personas.

Leave empty rows between each persona to allow for multiple pain points per persona.

3. Write down the pain points each buyer persona regularly faces.

In the empty rows between each buyer persona, list any pain points they experience in the related column. Focus on the challenges that your product or service can fix.

4. Explain in a sentence how specific features of your product, can solve each pain point listed.

For example, if your persona spends too much time preparing meetings, don’t just list your app as a solution. Explain what feature is responsible for automating administrative tasks.

5. Write a single sentence in the Message column that lists the problem, and its respective solution.

For example, Do you waste time preparing for meetings? Our automated agenda feature can save you valuable time.

6. Share the spreadsheet with your team and schedule a brainstorming session to further improve messaging.

Encourage your team to suggest variations for each message. Keep track of all suggestions by writing them in the same document. Choose the best version of each message during the brainstorming session.