Create a TikTok hashtag challenge ad campaign

1. Create an original hashtag that relates to the TikTok challenge and your brand.

50% of TikTok creators have taken part in a branded hashtag campaign with an average engagement rate of 8.5%. To get started, your hashtag should be concise, five words maximum, and clearly relate to the challenge. Some hashtags include the brand name, though this isn’t necessary. Your brand will be featured on the hashtag challenge page, along with a description of the challenge and a link to a product landing page.

2. Come up with an actionable challenge, and describe it in 2-3 sentences in a simple and relatable way so that all interested TikTok users can participate.

The description will show up on your hashtag’s landing page. Examples of possible challenges include: Dance challenges. Lip syncs. Makeup/clothing transformations. It’s useful to borrow from popular trends for inspiration, but adding a unique twist can help your challenge go viral. The #LiptonSunplay challenge by Lipton Iced Tea Romania, for example, encouraged users to play with their shadows. Many participants chose to dance, while others went the innovative route by making skits.

3. Pair with a relevant sound using a catchy snippet of a popular song or an interesting soundbite to help get the attention of TikTok users.

You can also make an audio clip or collaborate with an influencer to create one. Vivienne Sabó’s Shaka Shaka challenge is an example of a brand partnering with an influencer to create a memorable song.

4. Create a TikTok Branded Effect. Branded effects are AR - augmented reality - filters that can broaden the visual appeal of your challenge.

Some of the most popular Branded Effects include:  Facial modification filters. Makeup filters. Shareable stickers. Animated 3D masks.

5. Have influencers, team members, and friends make TikTok videos to start the challenge.

Sponsoring a popular influencer’s videos can help kick-start your challenge. Besides working with an influencer, it’s also important to keep the momentum going by spreading awareness to new audiences. You can do this by making videos yourself or inviting people you know to do the same.

6. Increase your reach with In-Feed and Brand Takeover ads.

In-Feed ads will show up as people in your target demographic scroll through their For You pages. Meanwhile, Brand Takeover ads with static or dynamic displays will take users to your website landing page. These ad formats are another opportunity to collaborate with influencers.

7. Measure ad campaign effectiveness with brand metrics.

TikTok for Business allows you to access in-app data on your campaign. You’ll be able to view the number of posts, likes, reshares, and comments. In addition, you’ll see how your hashtag challenge has impacted your brand through metrics like brand favorability, ad recall, and brand awareness.