Create a three-column email template

1. Go to your Email template > Open your email content > Drag the column block and add it to the area you'd like to split the content, Open table or layout settings, and select 3 columns as your option.

You can refer to the specific platform manual or guides for product-specific instructions.

2. In your column or table block settings, set your width to 100% to ensure it covers the full width of your email.

3. Add your content to each column.

If one column contains an image, make sure you resize your image relative to the size of the column. For example, if you require equal columns and each column is 200 pixels in width you need to size your email to 200 pixels, or you will have uneven columns.

4. Once you have added your content to all columns, open the settings for table block, and find your padding and border options.

Here you may adjust as required. Normally you will want to add at least 5 pixels of padding to each column. However, this will depend on your larger email’s layout

5. Send yourself a test email or use an inbox testing service to ensure the columns render correctly on mobile.

You may be required to reduce the content size like font length or image size in some columns if your two-column email is not rendering correctly. Most Email marketing providers will automatically optimize your emails for mobile, however, columns can cause issues. So ensure you test your emails on a range of mobile displays like Android, IOS, and mobile inbox types. Generally using more than 3 columns can be difficult with mobile display, especially if you have images in each column.