Create a replenishment flow

1. Create a new flow in the Flow tab in your email platform, and select the pre-built flows that your platform offers.

Find and select the pre-built replenishment flow. Check that you have sales data integrated with your email platform. Most major ESP’s will offer pre-built replenishment flow templates. Refer to your platform’s documentation for details.

2. In the timer/delay block, set a time period between the purchase of the product and needing for a top-up or refill on the product.

For example, if you are selling a 30 day supply of a product, you would set your delay to 30 days before the replenishment email is sent. You may want to set the delay to a few days before the purchaser is due to run out. For example, if the supply is 30 days, you would set the delay to 25 days. This gives them time to get a refill before they run out.

3.  Insert your email template block after the timer/delay block, and create a compelling subject line.

Use some form of personalization by inserting a dynamic tag like [Firstname]. Good replenishment flow subject lines include: [FIRSTNAME] Are you running low on [Product]? Don’t forget to top up your supply of [Product] Need a refill, [FIRSTNAME]? Time to reorder your supply of [Product], [FIRSTNAME]?

4. Open your email's body and create a headline that will entice your reader to engage with you.

Replenishment flow headline examples: Nothing lasts forever… Luckily it’s super easy to re-order. [FIRSTNAME], Running Low On [Product]? Uh-oh you’re running low! Re-order now. Re-order [Product] with just one click (button inserted below headline). If you add an image with a headline, repeat any important information as text in the body of the email, in case the image does not load.

5. Insert body text under your headline that explains that the reader may be running low on their supply of the product, and that it's easy to re-order.

If you’re going to offer them a discount, free shipping, or a special bonus for re-ordering, add it in this section.

6. Insert an image of the product and a call to action underneath, as a reminder of what they are re-ordering.

You do not need to include a lot of content in this email; you are aiming to make it as easy as possible to re-order. Examples of replenishment CTA’s: Click here to top-up: it’s super easy. Replenish my order now. I need more! Re-order now.

7. Include a link under your product image that directs to other products in the range.

This section should be short and to the point. For example, Want to try something new instead? Check out our range of [ProductType]. Keep replenishment emails focused on the convenience of re-ordering with a few simple clicks. Do not be tempted to try and over-sell other products to your customer.