Create a quote GIF for a blog post in Canva

1. Go to Canva’s website and create a Canva Pro account so you can use the GIF feature.

2. Select a format in the top right, click the button Create a design, and type or select Instagram Post.

3. Click on Templates in the side menu bar and enter Quote to find a template that fits your needs.

Consider: Does the design reflect your brand? Will the design stand out from other posts your audience are likely to see in their social stream? Will the design create an appropriate impression in the minds of your audience? Is it easy to read and not overly busy?

4. Add copy and imagery that is engaging and appropriate to your brand.

When selecting an image, check that: The text is readable over it. It is not too busy. It invokes the right emotion in your audience. The image relates to the copy. When adding copy, ask: Is this inspirational? Does it teach people something of value? If the audience reshares it, will it reflect positively on them? When deciding on the content for your update consider using: Questions to elicit a response. Statistics. Quotations. Offers. Inspiration. Customize fonts and colors to match your brand.

5. Animate the image by clicking on the Animate button above the image.

6. Choose the animation style that best suits the content and brand.

Preview each animation style and pick one that suits the impression you wish to convey. For example, using stomp will come across as more aggressive than a gentle fading in. Neon will appear more flashy and garish than a pan.

7. Download your GIF.

Click on Download in the top menu bar. Choose GIF as a file type. Click Download.