Create a one-time offer page for a virtual summit

1. Set up a new sales page for your All-Access Pass and add the necessary copy and images to promote the one-time offer.

Use any format you prefer or are familiar with, such as video sales letters or long-form sales pages.

2. Create a new product in your shopping cart software for the discounted version of the All-Access Pass, or set up a discount code for your main product.

Your summit is a digital product because you’re selling the replays in the All-Access Pass. How this is done depends on the website platform and shopping cart software you use, but, in general, you’ll need to add a product named “[SUMMIT NAME] All-Access Pass” to your shopping cart software (e.g. WooCommerce or ThriveCart).

3. Add at least one Call to Action button above the fold on the Offer page that links to the checkout process for the discounted All-Access Pass.

Follow common Conversion Rate Optimization best practices like choosing a color that stands out against the surrounding elements, keeping the button text consistent, or showing guarantees below the button.

4. Add a section to the page header that clearly confirms attendees' free access to the summit and how upgrading to an All-Access Pass will improve their summit experience.

Explain what the All-Access Pass is and how it improves the summit experience for the attendee.

5. Set up a Deadline Funnel timer for the One-Time Offer page, integrate it into your website, set the countdown length to 15 minutes, and have it redirect to the main sales page after the countdown ends.

This timer ensures that attendees only have 15 minutes to take advantage of the discounted offer. Deadline Funnel is the industry standard for this type of urgency because their website visitor tracking is so good that your attendees cannot trick it – not even with a VPN or a new device.

6. Update your registration forms to redirect to the One-Time Offer page after an attendee signs up for their free ticket.