Create a marketing strategy executive summary

1. Read the marketing strategy that has already been created, and write down in a document the main ideas from each section.

2. Write an introductory paragraph in which you provide context for your marketing strategy.

Mention the key benefits the strategy will deliver. Outline the vision the marketing strategy will work towards.

3. Provide a brief summary as to why a strategy is required.

For example, a current lack of a structured approach to marketing efforts.

4. Describe in a paragraph the market you wish to target.

Outline the nature of the market you are targeting, including its size, makeup and behavior. List trends among that market that you can leverage.

5. Specify in a paragraph who your target audience is and the methods you’ve used to identify it.

What are their goals, pain points, and influences?

6. Describe the products or services that you will promote through the marketing strategy, using bullet points.

Highlight the unique selling propositions – what differentiates your product from its competitors – in short sentences.

7. List in a new paragraph your main marketing goals and explain how you plan to reach them, in brief.

Mention the primary marketing techniques you’ll use and the respective timelines.

8. Discuss the budget in a short paragraph.

Mention the short-term and long-term predicted overall marketing costs, without listing the cost of each activity listed in the marketing strategy.

9. Mention using bullet points the key metrics you’ll use to measure marketing efforts and the return on investment (ROI).

10. List in the last paragraph the reasons why the readers should go through the rest of the document, such as further insights they will receive or data that will be shared.