Create a look and feel for photos

1. Identify your target audience, and focus on their visual preferences and the photos they typically encounter online.

2. Review your brand guidelines with a specific focus on brand promise, tone, and voice.

3. Narrow your color palette to focus on your core brand and accessible colors.

4. Describe the emotions that any photo should get across to your audience in 1-3 sentences.

5. Decide whether your images should be taken with the softer focus of natural light or the more defined contours of studio lighting.

6. Use your photo editor's tone curve, HSL, and split toning to match the emotion you want to get across.

7. Consider strategically inserting brand graphics or textures to enhance your photo’s depth.

8. Use A/B tests to determine whether your photos’ unique look and feel performs better against KPIs than more straightforward, less edited photos.