Create a Facebook video event header

1. Decide on the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of your event, to determine your approach to creating a Facebook event video header.

For example, your USP could be that your event is about helping professionals feel more confident about new Brexit regulations. Facebook event video headers are only between 20-90 seconds, so you need to focus on the main viewpoint.

2. Decide how you will incorporate your company's branding in the video.

You can do this subtly by choosing footage with colors resembling your brand featuring your logo in a corner, or having a call to action at the end of your video.

3. Choose whether your video is looping or non-looping.

A non-looping video gives you storytelling options as it has a clear start and endpoint. A looping video sets the mood for the event and can be instantly understood at whatever stage of play it’s viewed at.

4. Decide what kind of media you are going to use for the cover video, such as existing footage or photos from previous events, stock footage, or new footage.

Choose a footage that will work without sound. Although you can have sound in your cover video, it will loop on mute when first encountered. Choose a maximum of 3-4 key images that represent accurately your USP. For example, with the previous example of Brexit regulations, the footage could be of, a crowd of professionals networking, A European flag, Footage of substantial paperwork, or professional-looking confidence. There are numerous sites providing free footage, such as Canva or Pexels. If you don’t have appropriate video footage, use still images. When editing, you can animate them by zooming in or adding animated text.

5. Use animation or animated text to make your call to action stand out, and make your cover align with your company branding

For example, animate some characters from your branding assets. If animation is not in your skill set, outsource this task or create them yourself in After Effects.

6. Edit your footage using video editing software, such as iMovie, Filmora, or PremierePro.

Pull together different footage, add effects to still images if necessary, and incorporate any animations you’ve commissioned or created. Ensure that the video doesn’t exceed 60 seconds and is in the right format for Facebook event covers: 820 x 462 pixels minimum.

7. Add captions if your video includes footage of people speaking.

8. Export your video and upload it to your Facebook video event page.

Make sure that it fits the dimensions without any text or logos cut off before uploading it.