Create a content hub

1. Choose a topic that is relevant to your business and important to your target audience - focus on problems you can solve and questions you can answer.

Fitting topics for content hubs are broad enough to be considered umbrella topics with related multiple sub-topics. Users visiting content hubs are looking to learn, so find topics that inform rather than sell.

2. Conduct keyword research surrounding your chosen topic to find short and long tail keywords related to your content hub topic.

Wikipedia and competitor research are other effective ways to find sub-topics related to your content hub topic. You can target short-tail keywords with the content hub itself, while the subpages of the hub will target long-tail keywords. For example, your hub may be targeting the keyword DIY earrings while your subtopics target keywords like How to Make Polymer Clay DIY Earrings.

3. Use the keywords to determine what content to link to from your hub, including content you have already created and the new content you will create specifically for the hub.

Not all keywords will need their own subpages. It might be most logical to combine certain keywords into one page. Use visual organizers to keep track of how your content hub pages connect to and will be linked to one another.

4. Publish a content hub with links to sub-topics indicated by your keyword research.

The main content hub page should be useful and well-designed itself as opposed to a simple repository of links.

5. Link from the subpages to your content hub.

Be attentive to user experience. Mindfully choose the flow you want your user to take from page to page. Each subpage should aim to achieve a certain goal. For example, if your goal is to increase sales leads, use a call to action on each subpage to point the user to your sales funnel.

6. Continue to grow and optimize your content hub through continued keyword research and search engine optimization.

Invest in building out more content that is similar to existing content that is performing best.