Create a business case for CRO

1. Observe and analyze the behaviors in your company to determine whether you’re dealing with testing ignorance or testing opposition.

Testing ignorance means that C-level people have no idea or the wrong idea about what CRO is and how it can help the business. Testing opposition will require data and facts to change their point of view.

2. Summarize ecommerce to the C-level using the formula: Visitors * Conversion rate * Average order size = Revenue.

Speaking the language of business and focusing on increasing sales can impact the mindset of higher-ups.

3. Consolidate IT, ecommerce, and marketing under one umbrella with a single, unified goal to sharpen the company’s focus.

For example, that goal can be Improve sales and conversions or Attain double-digit growth. Involving people from multiple departments can provide everyone with a sense of ownership over the success.

4. Provide real examples with quantitative data and qualitative reasoning of how CRO can improve marketing campaigns.

For example, you can explain that different page types might convert ad clicks in different ways; for example, directory pages result in more ad conversions than advice pages.

5. Present your existing webpage conversion rates filtered by page type to show the ROI on different design and content types.

For example, use this information to redesign landing pages for better conversion.

6. Define a strategic roadmap by creating a document based on existing data.

This data will include: Where you are Where you’d like to be What the plan is to get there What the ROI will be if you achieve that target. Who will be involved How much it’s going to cost.

7. Find the biggest leak in your website, plug it, and show revenue gains to provide proof that CRO works.

You can use Google Analytics Content Experiments to implement your leak-plugging hypothesis and get credible data to present to higher-ups.

8. Present case studies of similar companies who have had great results with conversion optimization.

You can show that your competitors are doing CRO by finding a press release that discusses their success.

9. Create a treatment based on your boss’s idea to test against control and your data-backed hypothesis.

Using this information can show the different impacts of opinion versus evidence-based hypotheses.