Create a brand awareness campaign on Facebook

1. Go to the Ads Manager in Facebook Business Manager and click on the Create button and select Brand Awareness as the objective, and click Continue.

Brand awareness ads are usually the first step to get people into your marketing funnels. They not only get you new audiences, but also strengthen your brand among existing audiences.

2. Name the campaign in a standardized manner like Awareness-Polcode-Website-Clicks for easier tracking, and click the Next button.

An Ideal campaign name describes your goal of the campaign and promoted items. So, it’s easier for you to keep track of your campaigns especially in a bigger account. For example: Awareness-Polcode-Website-Clicks. As you can see, our goal is Awareness, and we are getting clicks to the Polcode website. This kind of naming convention makes it easy to manage Facebook campaigns.

3. Set budget and schedule for ad set.

A good start for your first brand awareness campaign could be with $10 daily budget. You can always increase the budget if you see a good performance. Keep in mind that the algorithm will take time to adjust, so only increase budget after 24 hours for best results. For the Schedule, the usual practice is to set the start date and no end date, because you can always end the campaign manually. But if the campaign is targeting a specific day like Christmas, then you might have to set an end date.

4. Use your customer personas to create the target Audience.

You can target a specific set of locations, age groups, gender, language, and interests. For example if you are promoting a baby product, and you are based in New York, then you might want to target New York as you target location, and parents as your target audience as demographics. If you don’t know your audiences, a good start is your targeted area. Once you created the audience, click Next.

5. Select the ad format of either an image, video, or a carousal ad

Images are a good option for a product ad, while carousal works better if you are promoting multiple products in an ad, or want to show multiple features of a product. For an Awareness campaign however, a video format would work much better than a carousel or image.

6. Add the images or video for the ad, and write ad copy in the primary text box. You can preview your ad live on the right side of the page as you change the creative.

A good ad copy is direct and simple, as you don’t want to confuse the customer or viewer, but rather make it easy for them to follow. For a brand awareness campaign, an explanatory, educational, or introductory video ad would serve the purpose best.

7. Publish your Campaign.

Once you are satisfied, you can click on the Publish button, and your ad will be submitted to Facebook for a review, and published in a few minutes.

8. Measure the Results to see the performance of your brand awareness campaign.

For the brand awareness objective, you would not measure sales or cost per lead, but rather the following metrics: Reach: how many unique viewers did you reach? CPM: how much did you pay for 1000 ad impressions? Frequency: on average, how many times did one person see your ads? Video views %: how many people watched more than 50%, 75%, and 100% of your brand awareness video ads? Ad recall lift: how many people are likely to remember your brand?