Craft your virtual summit offer

1. Analyze summits in your space to find out what offer type works best.

Most virtual summits sell lifetime access packages, sometimes called “All-Access Pass”. These passes commonly include lifetime access to: Session recordings. Session transcripts. Audio versions of the sessions.

2. Compile each summit session into an actionable worksheet that comprises the most important strategies in a format that can be quickly consumed and implemented as a bonus for your customers.

Create an offer that saves your attendees as much time as possible while helping them learn the most from the summit sessions. For instance, by giving your attendees actionable worksheets for each session, they can directly learn the best strategies and tips from the speaker within minutes instead of watching the entire session.

3. Offer live webinars for attendees as a bonus for attending your summit.

A summit leaves a lot of questions open for your attendees. The sessions are a great starting point, but enthusiastic attendees will want to dive deeper.

4. Invite speakers to contribute their products or lead magnets as bonuses for your summit offer.

Alternatively, invite them to live Q&A sessions reserved for customers of your virtual summit offer.

5. Add swipe copy and image templates to your virtual summit offer to help your customers save time and get quicker results.

For example, your speaker shares a lead generation funnel during the session. You could offer swipe copy and images for your virtual summit offer customers to easily replicate the funnel.

6. Use tools like Process Street to condense the strategies shared by your speakers into checklists.

By giving your customers these checklists, you help them implement what has been shared in the summit sessions. They can even hand those checklists to their staff and have them implement the steps without them having to watch the respective sessions. Alternatively, you could also manually package the strategies into printable PDFs.

7. Create a private community or mastermind that lets your attendees connect and share their experiences directly to add value to your virtual summit offer.

Use a platform that’s commonly used by your target audience, like a Facebook group, a Slack group, or a Discord server. Onboard the people who bought your virtual summit offer, establish clear rules about communication standards (“be polite”), set the expectations straight (e.g. “Public office hours every Wednesday at 10am”), and invite your community members to engage with each other.