Connect social media publication tools with your CRM

1. Check your CRM product documentation for available native integrations.

Most CRM tools now have native integrations available with most publishing tools. For example, Hubspot can directly integrate with Hootsuite. If so, follow the integration steps in your product documentation.

2. To manually connect your CRM to your social media publication tool, create a list of social media actions that you want to track in your CRM.

Some examples include likes, comments, or shares for your social media posts. Make sure you are covering all the relevant social media handles you currently use for your business.

3. Connect Zapier to your social media publication tool, create a new Zap, and choose an appropriate trigger based on your list of actions to track.

Log in to your Zapier account. Click the Create Zap button on the left. Select your social media publishing tool and account, and choose a Trigger event. For example, you could connect your Buffer account to Zapier and select New Buffer Item in Buffer as your trigger.

4. Add your CRM tool to your Zap and choose the action you want performed when your Zap is triggered.

For example, you could connect Zapier to Pipedrive, select Update/Create a Contact as the action, and add 10 points to the lead for every like whenever the Zap is triggered.

5. Enable your Zap, perform the trigger action, and check your CRM tool to ensure your desired action is taken in your CRM before implementing the integration in a live environment.

For example, you could test your Zap by liking one of your social media posts or sending a message to your chosen social media account, depending on the trigger you set up. Check your CRM to ensure that the desired action was triggered in your CRM.