Connect/redirect custom domain to free Webflow hosting

1. Purchase a domain name from a registrar like, Amazon or Godaddy.

2. Navigate to Dashboard > Projects > General > General Settings in Webflow and change the Subdomain to something easy to remember.

Webflow provides a subdomain for free domain by default. Updating the subdomain to something easy to remember makes sharing the URL easier. Once the site is published the complete URL will be your Make sure a green tick is displayed when you input the subdomain. This ensures that the name is available.

3. Navigate to Hosting > Site Plans, select your Webflow URL and click Publish to publish your site.

4. Login to your domain registrar, navigate to Web Forwarding and forward your domain to your Webflow URL.

This process may vary depending on your chosen registrar, but is fairly simple. Check your registrar’s help section for more information on how to set up domain forwarding.

5. Type in your custom domain URL into your web browser address bar to check that the domain redirect is working correctly.

Typing in your custom domain should redirect you to your Webflow published URL. Sometimes it could take up to 24 hours for the domain redirect to propagate. Try again later if it doesn’t work the first time.