Connect pop-up tools to Shopify

1. Login to your Shopify account and add a pop-up app like Privy or Pixelpop.

2. Add basic information, including form fields, pop-up design, and targeting rules to your pop-up in the app.

For example, if using Privy, you would navigate to your Privy Dashboard, click Convert on the top left menu, and fill in the details to create your first campaign. You’ll then have the option to set up targeting rules like when to shop the pop-up, how often to show it, and who to show it to.

3. Add any coupon or discount details you want to give users after signing up, select the coupon or discount type, value, and products, and set a coupon schedule.

For example, Privy gives you the option to create a Master Coupon given to all signups or Unique Coupons unique to each signup. Choose a preset discount value, or create your own, and whether it applies to all products or specific ones. Choose whether to run the discount or coupon for a specific period of time or indefinitely.

4. Optimize the pop-up template for both desktop and mobile, set up the headline, description, and button style, and link it to any relevant Thank You pages.

Most pop-up tools will allow you to preview and tweak your pop-up’s desktop and mobile design, customize your headline, description, button style, and form fields, and link it to a Thank You page. See your pop-up tool documentation for instructions on how to customize pop-ups using your chosen tool.

5. Create a follow-up email to welcome new signups and send users their coupon codes as soon as they sign up.

Pop-up tools like Privy allow you to send a custom email right after a user signs up. Add the Reply To address, Subject, Preview Text, and Schedule for your follow-up email.

6. Activate the pop-up, open a new private browser window, navigate to your pop-up page, and fill in the form to ensure everything is working as it should.

If everything is set up correctly, you’ll receive a discount code or coupon via email, and see the recorded signup in your Shopify performance reports. If you don’t receive a discount code or coupon, or the signup isn’t tracked, check that your pop-up tool is properly linked to Shopify and all fields are configured correctly.