Connect pop-up tools to mail services

1. Navigate to the Integrations section of your pop-up tool, select your mail service, and authorize your email service to connect to your pop-up tool.

For example, you would need to connect the Privy pop-up tool to the MailChimp mail service.

2. Select the pop-up campaign in your pop-up tool you want to connect to your mail service, navigate to the Follow Up section, and choose the mailing list you want to synchronize with your pop-up campaign.

How you do this depends on the specific pop-up tool and mail service you use, but the process is generally similar for all tool/service integrations. See your product documentation for more information on connecting your pop-up tool to your email service.

3. Set your pop-up campaign to Live, perform the trigger action on your site to load the pop-up, fill out the pop-up form, and check your mail service to make sure your details were captured.

Filling out and submitting your pop-up should record all your information to the linked list in your mail provider. Make sure the integration is set up correctly and all settings are configured properly if your pop-up isn’t displaying or details aren’t being captured.