Connect opt-in system with remarketing audience data

1. Create new Zap in Zapier and add a New Event in your CRM as the trigger.

Click Zaps and Create Zap in Zapier and name your new Zap (for example, CRM + Custom Audience). Click Trigger and select your CRM, select New Event as the Trigger Event and click Continue. Choose your CRM Account, click Continue, select Subscribed to List or any other event that you want to trigger the zap, and click Continue. Select Subscribed to list or any other event from the list that you want to trigger the zap, and click Continue. Click Test to test your trigger and click Continue.

2. Click on Manage Connections and Add Connection in Zapier to connect your CRM to Zapier.

Zapier can automatically connect to many popular CRMs, including Klaviyo or MailChimp. Select your CRM, login to your CRM and allow Zapier to connect to it, or add your CRM API key to Zapier to set up the connection. Check your product manual to find out how to get your API key if you can’t directly connect your CRM to Zapier.

3. Select your custom audience as the App Event and set up the Action Event to create a custom audience.

Select your app’s custom audience in the App Event, select Create Custom Audience in the Action Event and click Continue. Select the CRM account you initially linked, click Ad Account, and click Custom Audience. Name your audience (for example, Remarketing Audience), click Continue, and click Test & Review. Go back to your business/ads manager account and confirm that the new audience was created successfully before proceeding.

4. Change the event under Choose App & Event to add an email to your Custom Audience.

Click on Action Event. Choose Add Email to Custom Audience, and click Continue. Select the ad account you previously linked, and the audience Zapier just created for you. Click on Email, select the correct value based on your test (such as $email), and click Continue.

5. Click the Test & Review button to test your action and turn on the Zap.