Connect LinkedIn insights tag with Google Tag Manager

1. To create LinkedIn Ads account, click on Advertise at the top of your LinkedIn homepage and click on Create Account.

Add your business name and select the billing currency. Connect the ad account with your business’s LinkedIn Page on the welcome screen. Click Create Account.

2. In LinkedIn's Campaign Manager, click on your business name, then click on Account Assets > Insight Tag to find your LinkedIn partner ID.

Click on I will use a tag manager on the next screen. Your partner ID will be displayed on the expanded screen. Copy the partner ID to your clipboard.

3. In GTM, click on Workspace and then Add a new tag. Select LinkedIn Insight and paste the partner ID into the Insight Tag ID field.

Select All Pages and click on Save. Enter a name for the tag. For example, LinkedIn Insight Tag Acme Computer Company. Click on Save. Click on Submit to publish the tag to the live website.

4. Test the implementation of your Insights Tag.

Visit your website 3-5 times over an hour. Log in to the linked Campaign Manager. Go to Account Assets > Insight Tag. You will see your website domain listed as Active. Note that it may take up to 24 hours for the domain to appear.