Connect Google Remarketing Pixel with Google Tag Manager

1. In Google Ads, go to Tools & settings > Shared library > Audience manager and click on Audience Sources in the side menu. Click on Set up tag in the Google Ads Tag card.

In the Remarketing card on the next screen, select Collect data on specific actions people performed on your website to show personalized ads. Select the Business Type that matches your specific line of business. If your business category isn’t listed, select Custom. Click on Save and Continue.

2. To get your conversion ID, click on Details in the Google Ads Tag card, scroll to Tag Setup, and click on Use Google Tag Manager.

Copy the conversion ID from this screen.

3. Go to your workspace at, click on Add a new tag and select Google Ads Remarketing from Tag Type. Paste your conversion ID into the Conversion ID field.

Select All Pages from the Firing Triggers drop down . Change the Tag Name to Google Ads Remarketing Tag. Click on Save.