Configure a GA4 property

1. Open Google Analytics and click on Admin at the bottom of the side menu. When the Admin page loads, click on GA4 Setup Assistant in the Property column to start.

2. Click on Create Property.

If you are implementing Universal Analytics using the Google site tag, the wizard allows data collection using your existing tags. If you have an existing Universal Analytics property, the wizard sets up a parallel GA4 property that runs alongside it.

3. Click on Setup Assistant in the Property column to begin collecting data.

4. Click on > next to Tag Installation to generate a measurement ID for the new property.

5. On the Data Streams page, click on Add Stream > Web.

6. Enter your website URL and a descriptive name that reflects the name of your website. Click create stream. Copy the Measurement ID on the next page.

You will need the Measurement ID when setting up the GA4 configuration tag in Google Tag Manager.

7. Open Google Tag Manager. Click on Create New Tag, then Tag Configuration and select Google Analytics: GA4 Configuration as the tag type.

8. Click on the variable icon and, select Create New Variable. Select constant variable from utilities, paste the measurement ID that you copied earlier into the Value field, then click Save.

9. Navigate to the Choose Trigger window, select All Pages, then click on Save to complete the GA4 configuration.

This should activate the trigger on all pages. Now you can publish your container, so it pushes your new tag live. Once it is live, you can see live hits by checking your GA4 real-time report.