Conduct an online customer interview

1. Decide on the type of feedback you want to receive: will it be positive or negative; quantitative or qualitative?

2. Invite the right people to the interview, making sure you include the colleagues that need to hear the feedback or can ask more relevant questions.

3. Build your questions list in thematic order. Create a flow to asking the questions so that the rhythm of the interview is not lost.

4. Decide who you want to interview and reach out to them to reserve their time.

5. Choose a stable video calling platform, ensure good internet connection, make sure your camera and microphone works, and be present five minutes before the interview.

6. Start your interview by sharing why your customers’ feedback is needed, and what you would like to achieve.

7. Listen to your customers and be prepared to ask follow-up questions based on their feedback.

8. Provide your customers with at least 10 minutes to ask questions, raise additional feedback, or share their thoughts about the interview.

9. Thank the customers for their time and provide them with their incentive, if applicable.

10. Spend 10-15 minutes to carefully note down key points from the interview while the feedback is still fresh in your mind.