Conduct an email survey

1. Define the purpose of your survey.

2. Find a survey platform that accommodates your survey purpose and allows for email delivery.

3. Identify your target audience as recipients with an email address whose answers will be most relevant and beneficial for your survey purpose.

4. Create the survey in your platform, focusing on straightforward questions and a natural survey flow.

5. Determine whether your survey responses should be anonymous or linked back to each participant.

6. Decide on a timeline for the survey, including the kickoff date, deadline, and at least 1-2 email reminders.

7. Pick a survey incentive to increase response rates.

8. Create invite and reminder emails with a clear subject line, single focus, an obvious call to action, and tracking analytics.

9. Create a survey completion email that reminds your audience about any potential next steps or ways their answer will be used.

10. After survey completion, analyze your email open and click-through rate, survey response rate, and individual survey responses.