Collect payments for a virtual summit

1. Set up a sponsorship payment gateway flexible enough to cater to your sponsors' needs.

This can range from sending an invoice and receiving the money via bank transfer or sending them a link to pay via PayPal or Stripe to setting up a product for the sponsorship plan in a shopping cart like ThriveCart. Taking payments for sponsorships has to be an easy process for your sponsors and, depending on their company size, you will have to adapt to their processes. Since the average summit typically won’t sell more than 10-15 sponsorships, it is not a big problem if this process is handled manually in coordination with the sponsor’s finance department.

2. Use a payment gateway like PayPal or Stripe to manage All-Access Pass sales and connect it to your email service provider.

This payment gateway will take the sales of your All-Access Passes during the summit. You need it to be the hub of your summit because new sales have to trigger automated workflows to create membership accounts or email sequences.

3. Use an affiliate program like ThriveCart Pro, AffiliateWP, or iDevAffiliate and connect it to your payment gateway.

The first step is making sure that your affiliate management system recognizes sales through your payment gateway. The speakers will rely on proper affiliate tracking, and thus you want the two systems to work closely together.

4. Integrate your email marketing system with your payment gateway to trigger email sequences based on incoming purchases.

You’ll want to send email sequences to new All-Access Pass customers and, depending on your upsells and downsells, will want to trigger additional email sequences. With ThriveCart and Active Campaign, for example, you can tag email subscribers based on their purchases and even based on abandoned carts, canceled payments, or refunds.

5. Use a membership system like Memberium and connect it to your payment gateway.

Every All-Access Pass owner needs to have their account created upon purchase, and the integration depends on the tools you use. For example, when using Memberium for Active Campaign, this process can be controlled within Active Campaign based on tags set in ThriveCart upon purchase. This integration will depend on the membership software you are using.

6. Set up the respective products in your payment gateway, such as the All-Access Pass, upsells, downsells, and coupon codes for your One-time Offer.

Configure the correct prices and ensure the products are eligible for affiliate promotions. See your payment gateway product manual for more information on how to do this.

7. Customize the Add testimonials, FAQs, guarantees, and summarize your offer on each checkout page to optimize them for conversions.

Follow common best practices for conversion-rate optimization. For example, ensure there’s a CTA above the fold, there are trust signs around the buttons to buy the All-Access Pass, there are no outgoing links on the page except for the legally required pages, and there is no irrelevant information that would confuse your buyer.

8. Set up, add, and test a Checkout button to your website's All-Access Pass and One-Time-Offer page.

Go through the purchase process or use a simulated process if available to ensure payment is collected and all your integrations are working as they should.