Co-create content for influencer marketing

1. Use tools like Alexa to find and create a list of the types of content your audience expects or desires from your brand.

Examples of different content types include ebooks, blog posts, videos, articles, and podcasts.

2. Use tools like Traackr, Grin, or CreatorIQ to find the top influencers that create these specific types of content in your brand space.

Look for influencers with the highest engagement rates.

3. Reach out to these influencers via email or direct message on social media with a personalized request to collaborate on content with the expectation of cross-promotion.

Be sure to keep the communication personalized with clear requirements.

4. Share guidelines, topics, and content calendars with the influencers who accept your offer, to set clear expectations of the type of content they will co-create and when it will be shared.

5. Monitor live content using tools such as Traackr and Grin to gauge the real-time performance of the influencers' content.

Metrics such as shares, likes, comments, bounce rate, and click-through rates are important to analyze, and depend on the type of content that was created.

6. Provide feedback to influencers based on tracked performance metrics and ask them to provide their own feedback, as well as their audience's reception of the content and your brand.

Include a combination of data, stakeholder, and audience observations.

7. Refine and optimize your content strategy based on your and your influencers' shared observations.

Sharing insights and goals will make implementing the next phase of your marketing easier.