Change your Google Ads attribution model

1. Navigate to Tools & Settings > Measurement > Conversions in your Google Ads account.

2. Click the name of the Conversion action you want to edit and click Edit Settings on the Details page.

Attribution models exist at the Conversion action level, so you’ll need to repeat this step for each attribution model you’d like to change. It’s possible to have multiple attribution models within an account. Be sure to click the name of the Conversion action rather than the pencil icon.

3. Click the downward arrow to expand Attribution Model.

You can edit your attribution model as long as the source is your website or Google Analytics. Otherwise, you’ll see the text Not editable.

4. Click the name of your attribution model to expand to all available options, select your new model, and click Save and Done.

Attribution models currently only apply to Search Network and Shopping conversions. screen shot of attribution model options in a conversion action

5. Navigate to Tools & Settings > Measurement | Attribution > Model Comparison to see how different attribution models would assign credit across your account.

This tool allows you to evaluate the expected impact of a model before changing it. model comparison reports showing change for each attribution model You can compare performance of campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and devices. If you find that your current model under-values certain dimensions that would be important to prioritize, for example larger budgets or increased bids, this would be a good use case for changing your model.