Build attractive lead magnets to grow your email list

1. Brainstorm ideas for lead magnets that offer the most value to your audience.

Ask yourself what your audience would find useful. Think about the best possible idea and downgrade from there, rather than thinking about one notch above join to get free updates. Most of your competitors probably offer “free reports” or whitepapers. Do something different.

2. Aim to evoke an emotional reaction from your audience when they see your lead magnet.

For free, really?! I want that! is the reaction you want your audience to have when they see your lead magnet.

3. Put in the necessary effort to create a killer lead magnet and don't take shortcuts.

Be ready to sweat. The more effort you put in, the better the outcome.

4. Set realistic expectations, avoid stretching the truth, and don't make promises you can't keep.

Nothing is worse than broken promises, and setting false expectations only leads to losing trust and credibility.

5. Look at your lead magnet idea and ask yourself whether it's possible to come up with an even better one.

Don’t settle for a mediocre lead magnet. If you think it’s possible to come up with a better idea, go back to step one.

6. Clearly outline why your lead magnet is important to your audience in your offer.

Start with a benefit-oriented headline and include: Promise: What your visitors get when they subscribe. Connect: Why you created your lead magnet and for whom. Key Points: List the possible issues your audience could be facing and their solutions. Call to action: What your visitors should do next.

7. Limit the amount of information required in your lead magnet form.

Don’t ask your visitors to fill in too many fields. In most cases, just their email is enough. Optimize your lead magnet form for conversions.