Benchmark automated flows in Dotdigital

1. Go to the reporting tab in your Dotdigital account.

In the reporting tab select Program Reporting, to access the metrics on your automated flows. Click the display icon in the top right and select Display Open Rate, click Rate, Unsubscribe Rate, and ROI if this feature is integrated. These metrics are a good starting point. You may also wish to benchmark other metrics like bounce rate or AOV.

2. In the Display Options tab, set the time period to be the past year.

This will display metrics from the past 12 months. Record the average open rate, average click rate, average unsubscribe rate, and average revenue for your programs from the past year. If you have been running email marketing on the platform for less than a year, simply go back to the start of your programs.

3. Download the newest report on industry-specific average KPI from Dotdigital.

Find your relevant industry or sector in the report and associated average metrics. You are looking to compare the averages in this report to your program average KPI’s like open rate, click rate, and unsub rate, from the past 12 months.

4. Use the benchmarking report and the metrics you recorded from your program reporting tab to determine areas where you need to improve.

For example, if your program’s average open rate is 12%, but the average for the industry is 20%, you need to focus on your subject lines. If your open rate is below the industry average you should: Try different subject lines. Try adjusting your send time. Try to Adjust your target segment by changing the program criteria or implement a suppression list to remove non-engaged contacts. If your click rates are below your industries average: Try different calls to action. Potentially add in more urgency or scarcity focused copy. Ensure those being entered into the program or flow are interested in your offering. Try offering discounts or special offers to generate more clicks. If your unsubscribe rates are above the industry average you need to look at: Your send frequency, are you sending too many emails, or is your content not valuable enough. Your target segment, are they the right segment, you may wish to adjust your targeting criteria.

5. Once you have implemented your changes according to your benchmarking, revisit these metrics in a month and again, compare them to your industry averages.

Continue with changes that are having a positive effect and adjust those which are not improving your metrics. You may have to try several strategies to get your metrics up to industry standard. Split testing subject lines and content within programs is a good way to speed this process up.