Apply nudge marketing to other channels

1. Analyze your current product catalog and brainstorm characteristics that might appeal to some consumers.

For example, if you run an online apparel store, your customers might be looking for sustainable recycled clothing, super-comfortable loungewear, or clothing made from natural fibers.

2. Take the characteristics you previously listed and turn them into product badges.

For example, you might place a Recycled Fabric badge on products made with recycled material. You could have a couple of other product badges too, showing different attributes like Extra Comfort and Cotton.

3. Look for products that have seen increased sales since adding a product badge.

For example, you might find that after experimenting with these product badges, your best-performing message comes from your Recycled Fabric product badge.

4. Analyze sales on these products for specific segments of your customers to find patterns in behavior and demographics.

For example, your Recycled Fabric product badge might drive purchase behavior or CTR on a specific product for female shoppers in Stockholm, on an iPhone, when coming from Facebook.

5. Target high-performing customer segments with a personalized campaign built around the product badge they responded to.

For example, write a series of emails exploring the manufacturing chain for one of your sustainable products, showing photos of the factories in operation.

6. Optimize your social media campaigns to focus on the high-performing product badge concepts.

Use the values behind social badges that positively impact on-site KPIs to optimize your social media copy. For example, focus on eco-friendly materials.

7. Incorporate information around high-performing product badges in relevant product detail pages.

For example, if product badges like sustainable or recycled material boost sales of specific products, add copy to these products’ pages that explain the recycling process, sustainability certification, or materials composition.

8. Reorient your search and advertising copy to focus on messages around your high-performing product badges.

For example, optimize your Google Ads copy by focusing on sustainability. Set up several variations to test what copy works best.