Answer user questions to improve conversions

1. Perform customer interviews and user test sessions to create a list of potential client questions.

In customer interviews, ask: Which parameters or features are you paying attention to? How important are X, Y and Z? When was the last time you bought X? Have customers use your site and a competitor’s site, then have them provide direct feedback.

2. Segment your customers based on their feedback and interviews, so you can provide more appropriate answers.

For example, you can segment customers into groups like site newbies and experts, or first purchase and repeat purchase.

3. Share the questions, answers, and customer feedback with everyone working on your site, like copywriters and designers.

This will ensure that your overall copy and product copy provide the necessary answers, and that answers stay consistent across the site.

4. Use your potential questions as a checklist for communication improvements on each product page of your site.

Write copy and product descriptions that include answers to the most frequently asked questions.

5. Create a FAQ page to answer every question, and in more detail.

Depending on the complexity of your product, an on-page FAQ page may provide the most effective way of answering questions the moment they arise.

6. Look at the bounce rate and conversion rate to measure the success of your questions and answers.

A low conversion means people are considering buying your product but don’t, possibly because their questions have not been addressed.