Analyze competitors on Pinterest

1. Create a spreadsheet with columns for Competitor, Pinterest Topic, Content Type, CTA, Link, Tags, and Number of Pins.

2. Type the keyword for which you wish to rank into the Pinterest search bar.

If a company name shows up in search suggestions, add them to the Competitor column in your spreadsheet. Leave several rows between each competitor so you can add relevant Pins from that competitor.

3. Look at a sample of the most popular Pins each competitor is sharing.

4. Enter information about each competitor Pin into the relevant columns of your spreadsheet.

What type of content are they sharing? Where they are linking to? What calls to action are they using? How many pins does the content have? What tags do they use? What topics do the pins cover?

5. Sort your spreadsheet by number of Pins and look for popular topics, content types, tags, and links.

6. Research the more successful competitors with a lot of Pins.

Take notes on points like: How often do they post? What types of content do they tend to share? What kinds of tags do they use? What kind of content do they link to?