Advertise a special sales campaign

1. Use special sales campaign for example, Black Friday Sale or Flash Sale, messaging on your website to increase the conversion rate.

Implement a large special sales banner on your website to make sure that the visitors don’t miss your sales message. Implement additional graphics and promotional messages on the product category pages and product detail pages. Feature the discount information prominently. Use the price strike-through to demonstrate the difference in price. Provide the potential savings as % or absolute amounts. Create a sense of urgency by communicating the campaign end date.

2. Use newsletters to communicate the sales campaign to your existing customers

Use the most important information such as discount size and campaign end date, in the e-mail title to increase open rates. Add prominent and visually attractive messaging. For example, product photoshoots with campaign themes in your e-mails, to increase click-through-rates. Make sure that the campaign messaging is prominently displayed on the landing pages.

3. Use search engine marketing to promote the special sales campaign to the users actively looking for the products you offer.

Target the keywords related to the products that you offer as part of the special sale. For example laptops, running shoes, and luxury chocolate. Make sure you include the keywords used by discount hunters like sale and discount, in combination with your products. Include the campaign messaging prominently in the ad text. Dedicate one of the 3 headlines for example, Shop now and save 20%. Include campaign messaging in the description line for example, 20% off all products. Offer ends on January 15th. Make sure that the campaign messaging is displayed prominently on the landing page.

4. Use Google Display Network and social media to reach the returning visitors and acquire new customers.

Use campaign banners with campaign messaging and promote in the Google Display Network and on Facebook and Instagram. Use Facebook custom audiences to reach your existing customers. Use retargeting on Facebook and Google to reach the previous buyers. Use lookalike audiences on Facebook and relevant in-market audiences on Google to acquire new users. Make sure that the campaign messaging is displayed prominently on the landing page.

5. Change the campaign design assets to maintain user engagement.

Plan different design assets, for example, different ad banner colors, product pictures, and calls to action, and change them in your ads and on your homepage throughout the sales campaign, to limit ad fatigue and engage users. Add a countdown to your design assets in the last days of the campaign to increase the sense of urgency for example, 3 days to go, Last day to save.

6. Analyze the performance of the marketing channels and optimize the campaigns on an ongoing basis.

Shift your budgets to the channel with a higher ROI. Increase CPC bids for best performing keywords and audiences. Use the best-performing copy and design assets.