Add value to your thank-you page

1. Confirm the transaction and tell users what to do next.

For example, FileMaker’s trial confirmation screen confirms a trial subscription to the FileMaker platform and tells users to “start creating and using custom apps.” Basecamp blends their trial confirmation page with immediate access to the platform, offering new users a short onboarding video to ease the transition.

2. Add a thank-you message, image, or video featuring an employee at your company.

For example, one of CXL’s thank you pages for a guide download confirms the successful conversion and includes a thank you note from the head of the company.

3. Highlight social proof, like positive reviews and customer success stories, to reinforce the decision to buy.

For example, Segment immediately reassures users after booking a meeting with their representatives and offers several success stories.

4. Set post-conversion expectations and answer common questions.

For example, Nielsen Norman’s thank you page for new email subscribers doubles as an FAQ page, telling subscribers how often and when they will receive emails, how their private information is stored, and how they can unsubscribe. Hello Matcha shows users a confirmation of their order, a clear order summary, an option to print their receipt, and a video on how to brew the perfect cup of tea.

5. Upsell and cross-sell related products or offer a discount to encourage a second sale.

For example, Amazon’s thank you page for loose-leaf tea recommends related items and shows products related to other past purchases, browsing history, and viewed items. This example uses a post-purchase promo code on the thank-you page to incentivize customers to make a second purchase.

6. Provide links to product resources to inform customers and build excitement while they wait.

For example, if the product requires assembly, share videos that show users how to assemble it. Apple suggests that users try Apple Music on other devices while they wait for iTunes to download.

7. Use CTAs like “create an account” to capture customer data and make repeat purchases easier.

Most customer details pre-populate from the checkout, saving users time. You will also prevent account creation interrupting the checkout flow.

8. Add a CTA that asks new leads to read, watch, or sign up for a resource that moves them down the sales funnel.

If the customer signed up for your email list, suggest signing up for an upcoming webinar. If a customer downloads product details, offer a live demo. guides users down their sales funnel by offering three calls to action and a social proof video after someone signs up for their email list.

9. Ask users to leave reviews, refer friends, or share their experiences on social media.

Dropbox incentivizes users to refer friends by rewarding them with free storage space.

10. Survey customers post-purchase to gather data on how to improve future customer experiences.