Add testimonials to your landing page

1. Send top clients/customers an interview script to help you develop a transformational testimonial.

Ask questions like: Which things have changed in your business because of our product/service? How have they changed? Can you describe how it feels to see that change?  If you were to quantify the change, what metrics have changed and by how much?  Do you have any examples of before and after in the form of photos?  Would you be willing to record a video testimonial?  May I have a photo of you or whoever uses the product/service, actually using it?  I’ll also need the name, role, company name (if it’s a client), and links to any published materials documenting your use case.

2. Write the testimonial yourself, then send it back to the customer for approval.

This is better than just asking them for a testimonial because you get to craft it in a way that’s best for your landing page.

3. Spread out your testimonials on your landing page.

Instead of using testimonial slider/carousel (they are rarely read) use a Read more link to launch a lightbox with more testimonials, so your visitors can read them if they are interested.

4. Use relatable headshots that reflect people similar to your ideal customer.

For example, if you have a testimonial from a photographer, make sure they’re holding a camera.

5. Include customer company logos that are known by your target audience.

6. Use positive social media mentions of your brand.

Make sure they look exactly as they would on the social platform. These add verifiable credibility as they can be looked up.