Add social proof to your website

1. Display your top-selling products on your homepage or landing pages and add the number of items you’ve sold in total or over a certain period.

You can use a sales tracking tool to see your top-performing products and display the total number of sales. For example, on a monthly or weekly period.

2. Promote the bestselling items and display them on your homepage or landing pages with a widget or short code.

3. Display testimonials with photos, press mentions, or logos of your best, high-profile clients on your homepage or landing pages.

Best performing social proof includes: Expert endorsements Press mentions Client logos Testimonials Press mentions, photo testimonials, and client logos make the best impression.

4. Share clients’ words by asking them for a testimonial in an email or generate a story in their name with their approval.

5. Share social media posts, comments, or videos of people using your products.

For example, you can embed videos of user-generated content on your site, as well as images and screenshots, or you can add your social media feed on your website homepage or landing pages.

6. Add a review section or an individual review page for your products.

For example, if you are selling products on Amazon, you can use their review section. Show reviews from professionals and everyday people talking about how they use the product and why they like it.

7. Include positive product ratings and place them close to the image of your items.

Display as many ratings as possible, to strengthen the social proof and show how popular your store is.

8. Display site privacy and trust seals onto the header and footer of your website.

Choose from one of the most trusted marks. For example, Norton Secured, PayPal Verified, McAfee SECURE, or TRUSTe Certified.