Add external links to content

1. Create a spreadsheet and in the first row, add three columns, URL and Email Address.

2. Search for high quality websites that you could link to on relevant directory websites and through searching appropriate keywords on Google.

3. When you find relevant links, add them to your spreadsheet.

If you can find contact information for the link you intend to include, add this to your spreadsheet. Don’t place a link to one of your competitors. Also, .gov or .edu links are trustworthy and authoritative websites for external linking.

4. Add links to your website.

Go to the admin dashboard and edit your post or page. Highlight the text where you want to add the link. Click on the Hyperlink Icon in the editor. Copy & paste the URL from the spreadsheet. Check the open link in a new window or tab box. Click on the Add Link button to create your external link.

5. Contact the site owners via email and let them know that you have linked to them.

This is also an opportunity to say that they might want to consider linking back.