A/B test landing page opt-in forms

1. Test opt-in form placement both below and above the fold on your page.

Test placing your opt-in form below the fold if your offer is complex and requires explanation. Test placing your opt-in form above the fold if your offer is relatively straightforward. Test using contrast and directional cues to draw attention to your form, when placing it below the fold.

2. Test top, left, right, and in-field form label alignment, and use eye tracking studies to track how your audience responds to different placements.

Don’t make your audience work harder than they should have to. Be careful when testing in-field labels on forms with more than two fields, as these can create usability problems.

3. Test CTA copy that speaks to the users, addresses their pain points, and highlights the benefits of signing up.

Complete the sentence: I want to… when writing your CTA copy. For example, Empire Flippers swapped out their original CTA copy that read Join Us, to a more benefits-focused CTA that read Make Money Flipping Websites and experienced a 33.10% lift in conversions.

4. Test for words that cause negative connotations near your privacy policy, and experiment with putting a positive spin on privacy policy phrasing.

For example, Content Verve hypothesized that the word spam near their privacy policy could cause negative connotations in their users’ minds. By changing their message from 100% privacy–we will never spam you! to We guarantee 100% privacy. Your information will not be shared, they increased their signups by 19.47%.

5. Weigh the number of form fields against the information needed to qualify prospects, and experiment with adding or reducing form fields.

Test asking users for the bare minimum you need to move them to the next phase of the buying process. Ask yourself which questions can be left to a later phase of the buying process if you follow up with leads.

6. Test adding a lead qualification field to your opt-in form if you’re having trouble gaining qualified leads.

For example, if you offer a service, a great way to improve lead quality is to ask users to select their intended budget before submitting the form.