A/B test Facebook ad campaigns

1. Decide what you want to test. You can test different audiences or ad creatives in the same campaign, or compare existing campaigns.

Your testing options are exponential, so limit the number of A/B tests you run at any given time. For example, five different ad images, five different ad headlines, and five different blocks of ad copy gives you 5 x 5 x 5 = 125 different possible ad creatives to test. If you have five target audiences to test ads against, that gives you a total of 625 (125 ad creatives x 5 audiences) possible combinations to test, even if you don’t split your target audiences by demographic details. 

2. Go to Facebook Ads Manager, select the campaign you want to run an A/B test on and click on A/B Test in the menu bar above the listed campaigns.

3. Select and add the variable, which could be the ad image, text, audience, or another campaign.

For example, if you’re testing an ad image against another, select Image as your variable and upload the image for Version B. Your original image will be version A.

4. Type your ad test name, budget, schedule (at least 72 hours), and select a metric based on the metric most important to you rather than a fringe metric like CPM.

Choosing one primary metric gives you a single measure of performance to use as a basis for your A/B testing. For example, if your goal is website clicks, focus on CPC. If your goal is on-site conversions, focus on revenue. If you can’t wait 72 hours, let your ads run for an absolute minimum of 24 hours before making any judgements about their performance.

5. Review and create your test, and allow your test run the set time to allow Facebook algorithm enough time to optimize.

6. Click on View Charts for the campaign you ran an A/B test for and scroll below the normal campaign results or click on the See Results button to view the A/B test results.