2. Define the role of Social Media in your marketing mix

1. Write down the reason your brand exists (your brand purpose) in one sentence.

For example, Dove exists to help women everywhere develop a positive outlook with the way they look, helping them realize their full potential.

2. Write down the reason why your brand purpose is needed in the world today.

For example, Dove found that only 4% of women surveyed consider themselves beautiful.

3. Write down three key objectives for using social media that can help your brand grow while staying true to its purpose.

For example, some of Dove’s possible objectives that can be fulfilled with social media are: Curate real stories of Dove helping regular women feel beautiful. Increase social media traffic to Dove’s landing page. Increase intent of women to purchase Dove products.

4. Define the key metrics that define the success of each of your key objectives.

Following the above example, the key metrics would be: Number of people reached; Percentage of unaided awareness among your target audience. Growth of landing page visitors and percentage of social media as a traffic source. Percentage of women intending to buy Dove in the next 30 days.

5. Assign Owned, Paid, or Earned social media activity, or a mix of all three to every objective.

Owned social media activity should always be carefully considered in any social media marketing plan. We all know organic reach is next to 0 or 1% at best, thus this approach is most reasonable for keeping the community engaged or for corporate announcements. Paid social media activity will help you reach significant reach and frequency, and should be part of every campaign you seek to achieve brand or direct response targets. Earned social media activity is rewarding, but difficult to get right from a creative standpoint. Most marketing is not talking worthy.

6. Check your influencer marketing brief to see if your human insight or objectives and metrics need to be amended, based on the role social media fulfills in your marketing.

These two write-ups should be closely aligned. Create an influencer marketing brief if you don’t already have one.