Use Bribes to Attract New Subscribers

Let’s face it:

People don’t subscribe to email newsletters anymore. Unless they have a good reason to.

So let’s give them a good reason.

The best way to do that is via an exit-intent popup.

That way, they’ll definitely see it. But you won’t be interrupting them in the middle of your content.

Here are three types of bribes that work really well with exit-intent popups:


If you’re running an ecommerce store, offer a discount code for new subscribers. Here’s the 15% discount offer Brooks Brothers uses:

Brooks Brothers exit intent popup with discount


If you have a blog, offer a bonus downloadable as your lead magnet. Or a piece of “gated” content that only subscribers can see.

Here’s one of mine:

Exit-intent popup example with free PDF

YouTube channel:

If you have a YouTube channel, obviously you can’t use exit-intent popups.

But here’s the next best thing: put a call-to-action at the end of your videos, like Sam Jones does.

He directs people to his website for extended cuts of his interviews. And once people are on his site, he prompts them to subscribe for access.

Off Camera video example

For more info on bribing visitors with exit-intent popups, check out the email list-building section of my content distribution guide.