Various Email Campaigns Ideas

Discovering The Brand

‘Discover’ email templates are similar to newsletters except the fact that keeping them single column is relatively easy. They balance providing enticing information and marketing the products/ services, making them a win-win for both parties.

Curated Content

Sending curated content email copies can be considered as a panacea for most of your marketing efforts. The reason behind using a template is that packing value and multiple sets of information always tend to result in overflooding. Thus, the ‘curated templates’ need a lot of curation themselves to serve their purpose.

In this example from Product Hunt, every element is well proportioned and inline with the personalization efforts. You can use the white spacing to your benefit in a similar manner in your Mailchimp HTML templates.


Almost every business regularly sends ‘engagement emails’ at a fixed frequency. When visitors get bored of the content or get busy with other things for too long, sending out regular engagement emails is a time-tested method to stay in their proximity. You can create custom email templates by using interactivity to boost engagement.

Framebridge took this opportunity by educating its visitors in three simple steps. Also, their unique CTA ‘Start Framing’ adds to the convincing tone. You can incorporate similar elements in your template for boosting conversion rates.


Many businesses have to send out a summary or progress report to their customers on fixed intervals. They can take help of summary templates to promptly send the information in an easily understandable way.

RescueTime illustrates how we can squeeze multiple statistics in compact spaces and optimize the rate of information. However, it is not necessary that every business will need similar templates as they don’t need to provide such extensive data. Here, they have also used the color scheme to make the email easier to understand.

Newsletters / Product Feedback

Newsletters are every marketer’s hot favourite they help on multiple fronts. This includes sharing business updates, providing exclusive recommendations, and even making sales.

Postmates is using a great layout here as it places a summary, sale trigger, personalized content, and its USPs in an effortless way.

Discovering The Brand

Sending out comment notification emails is a must for all business websites with a comments section. This keeps the visitors tucked to the website and also gives a sense of engagement.

Abandoned Cart

Abandoned cart series is a long time favourite of eCommerce platforms and a must have for any business today. Ecommerce platforms have triggered countless conversions through abandoned cart emails, making them an inseparable part of every online store’s campaign strategy. Approaching your customers for something they are already looking for doesn’t seem a tough job but it requires a fine blend of creativity and the ability to tickle all the right spots quickly. Product images and CTAs are most important for conversions while adding supporting content is also mandatory in your custom Mailchimp templates.

Here we have a great example from Adidas, where they have managed to do the job excellently. The image, CTAs, customer reviews deliver an organic experience instantly.

Follow Up

Follow Up messages come handy when you are trying to win back your customers. This type of message may require putting the CTA multiple times and placing content blocks around them.

They should convey the benefits of taking the action along with the drawbacks in your Mailchimp HTML templates.

Customer Appreciation

Well, who doesn’t like hearing a thank you? Your email lists would regularly encounter marketing emails but a small thank you will definitely go an extra mile. Mailchimp templates for customer appreciation help you send event-based emailers.

Customer Service/ Feedback

Customer service/ support series are excellent for building a credible brand image. Using responsive HTML templates with the right copy aids in channelizing such correspondence quickly. Usually, these types of emailers contain a feedback form triggered by the last interaction. One thing to keep in mind while selecting a template for such correspondence is to keep the layout intuitive as customers are never excited to pour in efforts unless complaining.

Here, Dropbox uses a minimalist design and a simple feedback form that can be filled with a single click. Using such tactics aid in sourcing data without frustrating your clients.

Review / Testimonial

Customers consider reviews as highly trustworthy and sending out review/ testimonial campaigns is a great way of leveraging past sales. Mailchimp HTML templates accommodating enough images with short testimonial text gives a convincing feel.

Survey / Product Feedback

Survey campaigns are challenging to design but a lot of future strategies rely on the results they generate. Hence using the right template is crucial for businesses. The layout is required to facilitate a quick reader journey and use as much symbols/ abstract graphics as possible.

This emailer from Revolution Tea took the game one level ahead by merging coupons as an incentive for completing the survey. You can make provisions for such elements but make sure the personalization tags are applied properly. They are directly linked with the KPIs of the activity.

Recent Purchase

Retargeting is considered as a far more effective way of generating revenue when compared to new client acquisitions. Thus, including recent purchase emails is very common for businesses. They are educational in nature and reinstate the gratification of making the purchase.


This type of emails comrise recommendations based on the shopping history of the customers which fall under the category of cross-selling and up-selling.

Trouva gives a perfect example here as it uses a very subtle marketing tone. It seeks agreement from the customer and puts ahead its products. Billing history also plays an important role in deciding the elements used in the template.

Loyalty / Rewards

Among all pieces of communication, the customers will always wait for loyalty/ rewards messages next to none. You can use a lot of creativity here so make sure your templates have enough functionalities to support the same.

Retention / Reactivation

Customer retention/ reactivation campaigns are popular because retaining old customers is easier, less expensive, and requires less efforts than finding a new one. There are two aspects that determine the content for them: bilateral benefit and intangible benefit for users. The content displayed for the first case is more descriptive while the second one is more dependent on emotional gratification.

Thank You

Thank You campaigns are pretty identical to the customer appreciation ones except the fact that these are sent generally at the end of the year/month. They are calendar-based instead of being event-based.

Issuu demonstrates its achievements in its newsletter published on a monthly basis to add value to both the copy and the milestone. Mailchimp Newsletter Templates are excellent for conveying visual messages owing to its drag and drop builder.


Letting go of your subscribers can be unpleasant but is necessary that the same message should be conveyed in emails confirming the unsubscription. Typically, unsubscribe emails should wish a farewell while keeping the door open. Here, keeping the door open means placing a CTA for re-subscribing.

Atlas Obscura does the same here as it bids adieu in the above portions and even provides an option to reduce the frequency of receiving messages.