SaaS growth hacking is about growing your business in the smartest, most efficient way. Instead of slogging away at monotonous, time-consuming growth strategies, we’ll look to the fastest ways to get things done – and that usually means marketing automation.

Instead of growing your Twitter following one user at a time, you can use ManageFlitter to automate the whole process.

  1. Create a list of users to follow. You can filter users by bio, Tweet content, name, hashtag usage and more – so pick a keyword that relates to your product, and search for users that regularly use it.
  2. Create a list of users to unfollow. You can set custom rules to determine which users will be unfollowed, so choose those that haven’t followed you back within a suitable time frame.
  3. Automate! ManageFlitter can remotely manage your account, allowing you to set-and-forget your growth strategy.