Once you have a lead in your contact database, it’s important to focus on moving them through the buying process. An excellent way to do this is with automated email workflows, using inbound marketing software like HubSpot.

Unfortunately it’s also easy to do workflows incorrectly, which is why it’s important you go in with a strategy. Before you create any automated workflow, always think: what is the goal of my workflow? How will this workflow move the lead further through the buying process?

A good example of a workflow: a series of emails sent out to a prospect after they download your free eGuide, “How to Increase Estate Agent Revenue With CRM”. The emails each hit on further issues professional service companies should consider when implementing CRM, with the ultimate goal of encouraging the lead to download your middle of the funnel eGuide: “How to Choose a CRM for Estate Agents”

A bad example of a workflow: a series of random blog posts sent out to a prospect after they fill out your contact us form requesting a conversation with sales.