There’s lots of ways to contact existing customers, and keep them in the loop. Many SaaS companies get this wrong, however, choosing to send generic emails out to all subscribers, rather than tailoring content and notifications based on behaviour.

Behaviour-based emails are a great SaaS¬†growth hack that can help you to retain more revenue and customers, and it’s pretty simple. First, you want to get setup with a piece of software like Intercom or Autosend. These pieces of software track how your users are using your application, and give you the ability to send out custom messages based on their behaviour.

For example, you could send an email out to someone who hasn’t logged in after a month, asking if they need help. For someone that’s using the software frequently, and taking lots of “manual” steps, you might email them to let you know there’s a premium feature that could reduce their time spent in the software, and help them to get work done faster if they upgraded.